A Tuesday evening of dance, movement, connection and tea, with a live DJ,
offering a saucy bass music vibe in an ecstatic dance wave in an inspiring space.


Tea Service


We’re taking a break from the movement class through the Summer 2024

Live DJ

Beat Church is a place where a West Coast Bass vibe shines with a DJ mixing a live wave.

Massage Therapy onsite

Get some love with our amazing massage therapist onsite. $1/minute

Come dance to free your mind and body

and connect with yourself and with your community

What makes Beat Church Asheville different from other local Ecstatic Dance events?

The Music: Beat Church Asheville is curating a different musical offering, with the intention of sharing a West Coast-inspired, saucy bass music vibe.

The Vibe: It’s a cross between a club and Ecstatic Dance. In some ways it’s more like a club, but in others, more like Ecstatic Dance.

The Name: When I was considering what to call the event, my go-to was Ecstatic Dance because I was modeling after Ecstatic Dance Oakland. But I realized that the name means different things to different people, and I wanted something new and fresh, so the event could create its own brand.

The Guidelines: Our guidelines are simple and are meant to invoke freedom and safety in the space with utmost importance placed on respect for yourself, others and the space.

The Location: We dance at the beautiful and inspiring Center for Art & Spirit at St. George’s Episcopal Church in West Asheville. 1 School Road, Asheville NC